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Role Main Character
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Alive (Deceased in Nano's/True Route)
Relatives None
Aliases None
Weapon None
Abilities Unknown
Voice Actor Masaru Hishi
Height Unknown

Arbitro, (アルビトロ Arubitoro), is the head of the narcotics organization, Vischio, that sells Line.


Arbitro comes across quite self righteous, thinking mostly of the Line business, and doesn't seem to care about what people think of his odd "hobby", involving appreciating and modifying the bodies of attractive young men. This alludes to the fact that he may be an extreme sadist and keeps a room full of these young men for his pleasure's sake. Due to this "hobby", his mansion is full of statues of suggestive poses of nude men.


Arbitro has blonde hair that flicks out at the sides, blueish green looking eyes, covered by a white mask that he is always wearing, and is about 181cm tall. He wears an extravagant white suit with a red shirt and lime green tie, and cradles a fuchsia feather boa around his shoulders.



In the Game


Arbitro used to be a researcher in the Project Nicole. However, he worked in a different department than Motomi. Motomi stayed late one time and discovered Arbitro torturing a young boy with his "artistic" ability. Arbitro was immediately fired which caused him to hold a grudge against Motomi for ruining his career. He changed his style, going from a black-haired, glasses man to a blonde-haired fashion disaster and reduced to selling Line for profit.

Common Route

His End

Nano's/True Route

Other Routes

In the Anime

In the Manga


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