The cover art for the book

Chayamachi Chiral Works (stylized as CHAYAMACHI CHiRAL WORKS) is a 133 page book of illustrations done by the Togainu no Chi manga artist, Chayamachi Suguro. It includes illustrations for Togainu no Chi and Lamento -Beyond the Void-, another of Nitro+Chiral's games. The book also features several short story accompaniments, called the After Story Images, about the Togainu no Chi characters. The cover features a brand new illustration of Akira.

After Story Images Edit

The book contains a total of five short scenes with accompanying illustrations, each one focusing on Akira and his relationship with one of the other main characters. In order of appearance:

Keisuke Edit

Keisuke's short scene shows him and Akira at work, talking while sharing a bento that Keisuke made.

Shiki Edit

Shiki's short scene shows Akira admiring Shiki while he sleeps.

Rin Edit

Rin's short scene shows Rin and Akira at an amusement park.

Motomi Edit

Motomi's short scene shows him and Akira at a shooting range. Motomi is teaching Akira how to handle and fire a handgun.

Nano Edit

Nano's short scene show him and Akira taking a bath together. Akira is washing Nano's hair.