The Executioners, Gunji and Kiriwar

The Executioners (処刑人) are a handpicked elite group of killers hired by Arbitro. Their job is to punish those who break the rules of Igura with death; however, they will often kill people just because they feel like it, even if the participant did not break the rules.

The only known Executioners are Gunji and Kiriwar, who take great pleasure in killing the cheaters, often seen laughing and cracking jokes when looking for and during executing them.

They also act as "cleaners" by dragging both the corpses and the still-breathing losers of Igura back to the Palace. In both the anime and manga, their orders include picking up scattered ampoules of Line as they clean. 

In the MangaEdit

On top of working as cleaners and enforcing the rules of Igura, Executioners protect the official distributors of Line. In chapter 2, when an addict goes berserk in Meal of Duty, the bartender calls in the Executioners for cleanup. The bartender dislikes Gunji and Kiriwar’s cleaning, because they always take too long to arrive and then make a bigger mess by smashing the liquor bottles on the ground.