The cover of the drama CD

想増/Gossip (Sou-Zou/Gossip) is a drama CD based off of the anime. It runs for thirty-nine minutes and thirty-five seconds.

Track Listing Edit

1. 錠報/peep

  • Lock Report/peep

2. 騒導/routine

  • Loud Guidance/routine

3. 遊霊/spook

  • Spirit Play/spook

4. 漆刻/dungeon

  • 7 Time/dungeon

5. 戦浄/launder

  • Noble War/launder

6. 殺客/enchant

  • Killing Guest/enchant

7. 廃達/carriage

  • Abandon Us/carriage

8. 犯売/sale

  • Sell the Perpetrator/sale

9. 誤睡/doze

  • Sleeping Mistake/doze

10. 業格/peril

  • Business Character/peril

11. 奪落/eliminate

  • Steal the Punchline/eliminate

12. 談章/joke

  • Story Chapter/joke

13. 情封/irony

  • Sealed Emotions/irony

Trivia Edit

  • The track titles use very high level kanji. "漆," for example, is the old form of "七," which means "seven."

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