Gunji's Claws in the anime.

Gunji’s Claws are the weapons Gunji uses to cut down rule-breaking Igura participants as part of his duties as an Executioner. Gunji can use them to stab into someone like a dagger or rake across as claws. Gunji has very fine control, so he can also use them to lightly scratch a person’s skin. He is almost never seen without them.

They are made of metal, and in the game and manga, they are slightly rusted and often splattered with blood.

In the AnimeEdit

As in every adaption, Gunji wears the claws throughout the anime. He often gestures with his hands and waves his claws around. In episode 3, as Gunji and Kiriwar chase after Takeru, Gunji makes a point of scraping them against the wall as he runs, reminiscent of the horror movie villain Freddy Krueger.


In the MangaEdit

Gunji uses his claws in all of his fights. One notable fight, in chapter 24, shows Nano stopping Gunji’s claws with his bare hand. Gunji is delighted by this action, because it proves that Nano is not a ghost, but a corporeal being Gunji can possibly kill.

In chapter 37, Gunji's claws are shown to be capable of piercing Gunji's incredibly sturdy body.