A participant taking his opponent's tags

Igura (イグラ) is a battle game held in Toshima. A person can enter by going to Vischio's headquarters in Toshima and participating in a ceremony held by Arbitro, one of the leaders of Vischio. After they have done so, they are given five starting tags and sent out to begin participating.

Objective Edit

The objective of Igura is to collect tags bearing the marks of a standard deck of playing cards in order to win a chance to fight Il Re, the leader of the game and the drug ring Vischio. A participant must collect either a Royal Flush, or a Full House using only cards above 10 (including Ace). If they manage to do this, they can present their tags to Arbitro to get their chance to fight Il Re. If they defeat him, they take over Vischio and Toshima.

Rules Edit


A Royal Flush, one winning set of tags


A Full House using Kings and Aces, one version of a winning set of tags

Igura is similar to Bl@ster in many ways, with the addition of some rules to regulate the use of tags. Violation of the rules earns a death sentence; the rule-breaker will be hunted down by the Executioners and killed, or taken to Arbitro to become a slave (if they suit his tastes).

  • At least one tag must be visible at all times, as a mark of participation
  • Tags can only be taken from an opponent who is defeated in a fight (stealing is prohibited)
  • A witness must be present for all matches
  • A participant loses a fight when their back touches the ground or if they die
  • Fighting is anything-goes, with the exception of firearms not being allowed; other weapons may be used, and fighting can go to the death
  • The winner may do anything they like to the loser, up to and including death and desecration of their corpse
  • Once a participant enters Igura, they must fight until they either defeat Il Re or die
  • If a participant loses their tags by losing a fight, but is not killed by the winner of that fight, they are still condemned to be executed since they can no longer participate


  • In reality, Igura was formed by Shiki, who is also Il Re, in order to battle Line-compatibles, so he could kill Nano and quell his memories of the first time they met.
  • "Igura" (игра, Igra) is the Russian word for "game."