The cover of the drama CD

The Image Drama CD Vol. 1 is the first drama CD, and was published by HOBiRECORDS on July 29, 2005. It centers around Akira and Shiki's relationship. It runs for sixty-four minutes and thirty-one seconds.

There exists a fan translation of it.

Track Listing Edit

1. Introduction -序章-

  • Introduction -Prologue-

2. Fate -接触-

  • Fate -Contact-

3. Invasive -囚虜-

  • Invasive -Captive-

4. Silent sign -痕跡-

  • Silent sign -Evidence-

5. Desire -欲心-

  • Desire -Greed-

6. In perplexity -微熱-

  • In perplexity -Mild Fever-

7. Moonlight -月下-

  • Moonlight -In the Moonlight-

8. Accelerate -加速-

  • Accelerate -Acceleration-

9. Recapture -奪還-

  • Recapture -Recapture-

10. It rings the death knell -終章-

  • It rings the death knell -Epilogue-

11. To opening of shine -追憶-

  • To opening of shine -Recollection-

Notes Edit

  • The CD's catalogue number is HBDC-014.

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