Role Minor Character
Race Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown
Aliases Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Voice Actor Daisuke Hirakawa
Height Unknown

Kazui (カズイ) was a member of the infamous Bl@ster group Pesca Corsica before he was killed by Shiki. He was Rin's love interest.

Personality Edit

In the game of Togainu no Chi, Kazui never appears onscreen. Therefore, it is difficult to determine his personality.

Appearance Edit

Kazui has black hair, black/brown eyes and pale skin. He wears an open leather jacket with no shirt, and black pants with a brown belt. His appearance is likened to Akira's.

Abilities Edit

As second in command of the brutal Pesca Corsica, it can be inferred that Kazui was quite strong. 

Relationships Edit

Rin Edit

Rin was in love with Kazui, but it's unclear if Kazui was aware of this or if he returned his feelings.

Tomoyuki Edit

A former teammate. 

In the Game Edit

In Togainu no Chi Edit

Kazui is hinted at and discussed over the course of Rin's route, particularly with regards to Akira's resemblance to him. It is hinted at that this resemblance changes Rin's mind about demanding a toll from Akira and Keisuke, as he compliments Akira's face. Later is revealed that he was killed by Shiki along his teammates, although the reason for this is never revealed.

In Togainu no Chi: True Blood Edit

Not much is known about Kazui in True Blood, because the game has not been translated into English. 

In the Anime Edit


Kazui before he died


Kazui after being killed by Shiki

Kazui briefly appears in episode 8 of the anime series. He is shown exchanging smiles with Rin, and later after his gruesome death, covered in blood.  

In the Manga Edit

A photo of Kazui and Rin breifly appears in chapter 10. 

Trivia Edit

  • Rin repeatedly mentions throughout his route that Akira looks just like Kazui, but at the end of his route also says that they actually don't look all that similar.