The front cover of the album

Light My Fire is a soundtrack album containing the background music from the anime adaptation of Togainu no Chi. All of the tracks were composed by Masaaki Iizuka, publishing under the name e-ZUKA.

Track Listing Edit

  1. blame
  2. Blood Booster
  3. Burn Your Enemies
  4. eZ RHB
  5. Wonder Toy Boogie
  6. Light My Fire
  7. Loop Quantum Gravity
  8. Monster Maze Coaster
  9. Pulse Error Addiction
  10. Wicked Nights
  11. Dragon In Dungeon
  12. Tears of Rose

The back cover of the album and the back of the obi

Notes Edit

  • The soundtrack's catalogue number is LASA-5073.

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Amazon Japan Page

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