Whats with all those weird looking stools I don't understand

The bar at Meal of Duty

Meal of Duty is a neutral zone and bar in Toshima, frequented by Igura participants.

In the GameEdit

Rin leads Akira and Keisuke to Meal of Duty, where he meets up with Motomi. Rin takes a picture of the three of them, and then leaves to get drinks for himself and Motomi. While there Akira notices the men doing drugs, which Motomi explains is Line.

Akira returns here, looking for information on Keisuke's whereabouts, to find the club covered in blood. Takeru shows up immediately after and they fight, Akira assuming Takeru was the one who massacred the neutral zone. When drugged-up Keisuke finds Akira later, he tells his childhood friend that it was him who tore up Meal of Duty, and that it was his "debut."

The hotel, another neutral zone, is later packed, and it is assumed that the bar's regulars had to go there.


  • In the CG of Motomi below, several posters can be seen behind him. Most of these are difficult or impossible to read due to small print, but some excepts from these posters include:
    • "This is my best friend"
    • "...t foods"
    • "OK! -ure, ...No Parking, ...dogs"
    • "-ed SNAKE cornered"
    • "Love"
    • "...95. got s... -rts and c... (in?)struments, -ans. ,EVY! W(or)d, Maiso(n?)..."
    • "nagihons"
    • "-neal medicine"
    • "CHOPSTICKS: Flute stories 101 inspirational sto..., The world's best flute players, BRAND... CD trainer for intermediate players ONLY... also for other... NEW... BOOK..."
    • "Kick my hips, because we (are fr?)...iends"
    • "stomachache"
  • Meal of Duty is the only neutral zone in the game that is given a definitive name.
  • One corner of the bar also serves as a hook up spot for participants with "sexual needs that cannot be satisfied by normal means." A system of colored cocktails is used to signify different preferences. When two people have the same color, if they agree to hook up, they'll trade cocktails and drink. The only specifically mentioned color is blue, which is the most dangerous color and signifies body mutilation, up to and including the severing of limbs.