Mitsuko in the anime.

Mitsuko is the name of Kiriwar’s metal pipe. It is bent near the top, wrapped in tags, and implied to be extremely heavy. Kiriwar uses the pipe as a weapon in his job as an Executioner, and as a hook to to drag to the corpses and losers of Igura back to the Palace. Kiriwar appears fond of the weapon, but he also treats it carelessly and occasionally lets Mitsuko drag on the ground.

It appears in every adaption of Togainu no Chi, because Kiriwar is rarely seen without it.

In the AnimeEdit

Mitsuko is introduced by name in the Executioners’ first appearance in episode 2. Kiriwar compliments the way the pipe can make people “fly.”

In episode 3, Kiriwar deliberately scrapes Mitsuko on the ground as a scare tactic during the Executioners’ chase of Takeru. Later in the episode, Kiriwar uses Mitsuko as an excuse not to carry a corpse, because he claims his hands are full with the heavy pipe. Gunji argues that the pipe's weight wouldn't be a problem for the powerful Kiriwar.