Nicole Premier's knife
or simply N's knife, is the weapon used by Akira throughout the series. It was given to Akira by Nicole Premier in exchange for Akira's promise to meet him again one day. The blade carries an inscription on it that reads "N, Inguz, Ansuz,D"(both Inguz and Ansuz are Futhark runes, utilized by Germanic tribes.) The knife appears to be military in origin. 

Despite the slim design, N’s knife is well-made and sturdy enough to withstand clashes with Shiki's Katana and Takeru's Knife.

In the GameEdit

Akira initially says his knife is military issue; he doesn’t remember when he first obtained the knife, but Akira assumes he recieved it during his training as a child soldier. On Nano’s route, he learns it was a gift from Nano. Nano says the meaning of the inscription is “a wish.” Nano didn't promise they would meet again, but he symbolically gave Akira the last of his hope.


N's knife in the anime

In the Anime Edit

In episode 10, it is shown during a flashback sequence that Akira met Nano in the past. It is revealed that the knife Akira uses is actually a gift from Nano, as a young Akira promised to meet Nano again one day, after Nano declined to stay with him on their first meeting.