The Neutral Zones (中立地帯) are designated buildings in Toshima where contestants of Igura can go to as a safe haven. No fighting is permitted inside, a rule which is enforced by the Executioners. Besides just being a non-combatant zone, participants can purchase needed supplies, like water, solids, Line, and bandages in these places using tags as currency. There is no limit to how long a person can stay, so people can often be found sleeping inside.

Known Neutral Zones Edit

There is one neutral zone in each "district," with a total of three seen in the game.

Meal of Duty Edit

Meal of Duty is a bar, and is overseen by the bartender, an acquaintance of Motomi's. It also functions as a hook up spot.

The Hotel Edit

The Hotel is overseen by an old man who never speaks.

The Movie Theater Edit

The Movie Theater is the neutral zone for the northern district. It is overseen by Tomoyuki, Rin's old friend.