Pesca Corsica (ペスカ コシカ) was an infamous Bl@ster team from Area Ghost, lead by Rin. The team disbanded after most of their members were slaughtered by Shiki.

Members Edit

Leader: Koat (Rin)

Story Edit


Rin joined Bl@ster with the intent to make battle-forged bonds of friendship, so he only competed with a team. He led Pesca Corsica to become the strongest team in Bl@ster; they were infamous for their relentlessness and brutality. Their creed was double payback: give twice as much back to anyone who got the better of them.

Some members were involved in dangerous activities, and Shiki was hired to kill them. Without knowing his brother's intentions, Rin gave Shiki the location of the team's hideout, and most of the team was killed.


After the slaughter, Rin disappeared without a word of explanation. The surviving members of Pesca Corsica banded together in a new group led by Tomoyuki, and eventually joined Igura. In the game, it isn’t clear what this new group is called, but in the manga, they are still using the name “Pesca Corsica.”

In the manga, the new Pesca Corsica is killed by Takeru on Line, leaving only Tomoyuki and Rin as living members of the original team.


Rin’s Ending states that Bl@ster was revived after the civil war. The legend of Pesca Corsica is still being passed down through the new Bl@ster participants, and some new teams have attempted to borrow their name. 

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