Rin’s Stilettos are the two daggers he uses in fighting. A stiletto is a type of narrow dagger with a needle-like point. (The stiletto heel takes its name from the similar pointed shape.)

In the story, their reveal is used as a symbol for Rin, his darker side, and his hidden strength.

In the GameEdit

The stilettos appear on two routes:

  • Rin’s Route – The stilettos appear when Rin reveals his true nature to Akira and demands Akira’s tags so that Rin can challenge Il Re.
  • Shiki’s Route – Shiki returns with the stilettos one day, soaked in blood. He behaves in a strangely melancholy way, and comments that he had to get rid of "a little cat" that had been following him around. Akira does not recognize the daggers, having never fought Rin in the route.

In the AnimeEdit


Rin's stilettos in the anime opening

Rin’s stilettos originally appear as he’s defending himself against other Igura players in episode 5. He uses them against Shiki in the streets in episode 8, and again in the Coliseum in episode 10. As in the game, the stilettos appear in episode 9 when Rin attacks Keisuke and Akira for their tags.