Akira and Keisuke eating Solids


Solids as they appear in the anime

Solids (ソリド) are a dry food substitute, introduced during wartime because of the rationing of food resources.


Solids are something like a combination of an energy or protein bar and nutritional supplements. They are rectangular, about ten centimeters long, come in a variety of flavors, and are lightweight and cheap. They are artificially colored to match their flavor.

Solids were engineered shortly after the start of the war in response to food shortages. They contain all nutrients essential to survival, and help to create a feeling of fullness by encouraging lepton secretion, which stimulates the satiation center of the brain.


The food was named "Solid" because the idea was to "maximize the potential of the type of solid nutritional supplements that had been on the market in the distant past."


Solid wrappers generally have the name in bubble-letter style in the center, along with a stylized drawing of the food flavor towards the bottom right. The "Trust Company" logo and name appear in the upper left corner, while the flavor and phrase "Wow! Cool!" appear in the bottom left corner.


Solids are noted as having a chemical taste, which makes them more popular among young people than older. It is generally agreed that they do not taste as good as real food, though they come in a variety of flavors to simulate popular meals.


Known flavors of solids are:

  • Ome-Rice (Omelet Rice)
  • Green Curry
  • Garden Pea
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate & Strawberry
  • Strawberry
  • Wasabi
  • Tuna
  • Sea Urchin Donburi



The Ome-Rice flavor solid released by Nitro+Chiral

Nitro+Chiral has released several different Solid-themed merchandise.

  • Real, edible solids. They came in all the flavors mentioned in the game, plus a few more.
  • A small plastic zipper bag bearing the Ome-Rice wrapper design.
  • Mobile phone straps with the Ome-Rice and Green Curry wrapper designs.
  • Metal, gold colored charm with the Ome-Rice and Green Curry wrapper designs.