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The TOGAINU NO CHI ENDING THEME COMPLETE COLLECTION is one of the official soundtracks for the anime. It features all twelve of the anime's ending themes.

Track Listing Edit

  1. no moral
  2. bright lights
  3. Don't Stare Me
  4. 棘-toge- (Thorn -toge-)
  5. once more again
  6. Requiem Blue
  7. crossing fate
  8. 優しさに守られて (Yasashi sa ni Mamora Rete)
  9. Honed Moon-咎レタ月- (Honed Moon -Toga Reta Tsuki- )
  10. Don't look away
  11. STILL (Anime Ver.)
  12. GRIND "style GR"

Performing Artists Edit

  1. no moral - Performed by Itou Kanako
  2. bright lights - Performed by Kimura Seizi
  3. Don't Stare Me - Performed by VERTUEUX
  4. 棘-toge- - Performed by Sadie
  5. once more again - Performed by Misato Aki
  6. Requiem Blue - Performed by Watanabe Kazuhiro
  7. crossing fate - Performed by OLDCODEX
  8. 優しさに守られて - Performed by Kita Shuhei
  9. Honed Moon-咎レタ月- - Performed by Itou Kanako
  10. Don't look away - Performed by Curriculu Machine
  11. STILL - Performed by Itou Kanako
  12. GRIND "style GR" - Performed by GRANRODEO

Notes Edit

  • The soundtrack's catalogue number is LASA-5123.

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