The Church (daytime)

The Church
is located outside of the heart of the city of Toshima. In the game, Akira only reaches the church after wandering aimlessly for hours. According to Motomi, the church is hard for most people to find because of the twisting labyrinth of streets around it. Motomi considers the church his secret hideout.

In the Game Edit

The Church features heavily in Motomi’s route as a place where Motomi and Akira often meet up and rest. The only other person shown to know about the church is Nicole Premier, and he appears inside the church in both Motomi's route and his own.

Outside Edit

The city block where the church resides is an isolated area with less buildings and more dead trees, which nearly hide the church from view. It is a very typical church, with a peaked wooden roof and a cross-shaped steeple affixed to the top. The church is surrounded by a fence. The crumbling front door has a simple design and creaky hinges.

There are cracks in the windows and burn marks on the walls, but the building is otherwise intact. The area around the church is similarly less ravaged than the downtown district, and the road is also noticeably broader than the narrow back streets leading up to the block.


Inside the Church

Inside Edit

The church smells like mold and dust inside, but the air itself is unusually clear, which helps the church maintain a peaceful aura. The high windows have all been broken, and in the daytime, the light shines down into the church through the shattered glass in a way that heightens the room’s sanctity.

Down the aisle is an altar with a white cloth, and a crucifix hangs above. The pews are skewed, and some are toppled over.

Storeroom Edit


The Storeroom

Behind the altar, there is a storeroom which contains a bed, a desk and chair, and some stocked shelves. This room is where Motomi keeps the candelabrum and supplies such as solids, water bottles, and blankets.

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