The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is one of several wasted stores located on the outskirts of Toshima and close to the CFC territory. Choosing the coffee shop as a place to stay is one of Akira’s rookie mistakes; it’s a vulnerable place, due to how easy it is to see from the main road when someone is entering or leaving the shop.

In the Game Edit

The coffee shop stands to one side of the main road and has no distinguishing features except for how the door hangs off its hinges, leaving the front room open. The shop is filled with dust, indicating that it hasn’t been used in some time. In the back of the shop is a two-person sofa with rusty springs.

Routes Edit

Akira and Keisuke make use of the coffee shop and its sofa multiple times, and it is in this shop that Akira first encounters Keisuke in Toshima. They eventually lose the coffee shop as a base after Rin slaughters a group of Igura participants inside. Rin warns them about the dangers of the location to prying eyes.

In spite of the warning, Keisuke returns to the shop after fighting with Akira. It is in this shop that Keisuke stumbles across the ampoule of Line that drives him insane. Later, Keisuke kidnaps Akira and brings him back to the coffee shop out of a warped sense of nostalgia.

In the AnimeEdit


The shop's exterior in the anime

The anime shows the outside of the coffee shop as well as the inside. Aside from the broken door, the entrance to the shop is marked by a small rounded awning.