The Hotel lobby

The Hotel
is located in the west, and the building sits along the side of the main avenue in Toshima.

As one of three neutral zones, the Hotel has a similar atmosphere to the club, Meal of Duty, with Igura participants gathered inside. Like the club, participants can trade pig tags for supplies, and the Hotel is stocked with first aid kits and blankets as well as water bottles and solids. The receptionist is an older man with a crooked mouth, who never speaks a word.

In the Game Edit

The Hotel is not a particularly large building, and the white concrete walls are cracked and dingy. The doors to the hotel are automatic, but broken and permanently open into the lobby. Inside, the ceiling is crumbling, and in the back of the lobby is the reception desk where people can trade in their tags, as well as a cloakroom and a vault where the original hotel would’ve kept customers’ valuables.

In a corner of the lobby are sofas for available for rest. They are worn out pieces of furniture with broken springs, however, and Rin says they’re as bad as sleeping on the ground. Sleeping alone on the sofas is not advisable because of the spot’s openness to the rest of the lobby.

Emergency Stairs Edit


The Stairs are dim but quiet.

The elevator hallway has no working elevators, but it does have a set of emergency stairs. The staircase is located below broken emergency lights and the inside is dim. The stairs are not dangerously falling apart, however, and Rin and Akira climb up to a landing to get enough privacy and quiet for sleep.