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    Happy 10th!

    February 25, 2015 by AstroComposer

    Guess there's really no one to say it to, but I can't let the day pass without some sort of acknowledgment.

    Today is the anniversary of the establishment of Nitro+Chiral! Togainu no Chi, the studio's debut game, was released on this date a decade ago. Happy 10th!

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  • AstroComposer


    February 4, 2015 by AstroComposer

    I don't think there are any currently active editing users, but I will post this publically in case anyone appears and has objections.

    Apollyon嫌っadopted this wiki on January 5th, but has since been blocked across Wikia. I believe he was the only active administrator/bureaucrat, which leaves us with a leaderless wiki full of unlockable pages.

    I started making edits on this wiki only yesterday, but I have already added a lot of pages and information, and I have more that I can add to the pages that are currently locked. Since it seems Apollyon嫌っ's efforts to gather people to help were unsuccessful, I have decided to submit a request to adopt this wiki myself.

    tl;dr I'm planning to request to adopt this wiki, if you have any objections please sp…

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