I don't think there are any currently active editing users, but I will post this publically in case anyone appears and has objections.

Apollyon嫌っadopted this wiki on January 5th, but has since been blocked across Wikia. I believe he was the only active administrator/bureaucrat, which leaves us with a leaderless wiki full of unlockable pages.

I started making edits on this wiki only yesterday, but I have already added a lot of pages and information, and I have more that I can add to the pages that are currently locked. Since it seems Apollyon嫌っ's efforts to gather people to help were unsuccessful, I have decided to submit a request to adopt this wiki myself.

tl;dr I'm planning to request to adopt this wiki, if you have any objections please speak now.

Also, if you have something you can offer this wiki once this request has been granted, please leave a comment. Having more administators and editors would be helpful.

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