Added an important part to Shiki's page. Also added a height section, because according to wikipedia they do have canon heights (Rin is so short wow, no wonder he wears platform shoes). I'll get around to adding everyone's heights in soon.

I started Rin's section for the Game, and fixed his image spot (and uploaded all of his non-NSFW CGs). I just started describing his route, but tragic shota's route isn't too long so it'll probably be finished up quickly.

I was on a roll but a certain event related to Shiki on a certain social media site caused me to lose focus completely.

I also want to make a page for the Palace and Meal of Duty. They even get their own CGs, so it's worth it. Maybe in a fw days.

EDIT: Fixed Yukari's page (what the heck) and added images to Takeru's page.

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