Role Supporting Character
Race Human
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Takeru (brother)
Aliases N/A
Weapon N/A
Abilities N/A
Voice Actor Nozomi Sasaki
Height Unknown

Yukari (由香里) is Takeru's younger, adoptive sister. She gave Takeru a cross necklace, which he cherishes more than anything.


As seen in a hallucination by Takeru, she has soft, shoulder-length brown hair with a ribbon in each side, brown eyes, and is wearing her favorite pink night dress.


Yukari appears sweet and very loving towards her brother. When Takeru tells her that he plans on beating II Re and winning Igura to get the prize money so he can financially support her, she tells him that she doesn't need lots of toys and clothes to be happy; just for him to be with her.

In the GameEdit

Yukari is briefly mentioned earlier after Takeru and Akira run from the executioners, when Takeru reveals that his younger sister gave him the cross he holds so dearly.

Upon meeting Nano, Takeru remembers the day he left Yukari, who asked him if he will return. He hugs her and tells her he will work very hard so they can all be a family again. Yukari tells her brother she will be waiting and then gives him the cross, so that mother would be with him.

Her main appearance is in Takeru's hallucination moments before his death. There she tells her older brother that mother is home and their father got better. Overjoyed by this news, along with her telling him that he has beaten Il Re, Takeru tells Yukari that they will never go hungry or be sad again. At this, Yukari begins to cry because she "...didn't want toys or clothes, as long as my [her] big brother was there for me [her]". Takeru promises her "I'll protect you, mom, and dad forever. So please don't cry..."

Then his skull is smashed and Takeru dies.

Trivia Edit

  • Yukari is one of only three characters in the game whose name is written in kanji. The kanji used for her name mean "reason" or "cause (由), "fragrance" (香), and "home" or "personal past/origins" (里).