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Yukari's Cross in the anime

Yukari’s Cross was given to Takeru when he left home to participate in Igura. It is the only thing Takeru has that represents his sister, Yukari, and he carries it with him to remind himself of his greater goal of providing for his family.

In the GameEdit


Takeru wearing the cross

Yukari’s cross appears in the common route of the game, as well as in certain character’s routes.

In the common route, Takeru attacks Akira for his tags. In the scuffle, the chain around Takeru’s neck breaks, flinging both the tag and cross to the ground. Takeru scrambles for the cross, not the tag, and retreats. He later grabs Akira to get back his tag. Akira asks why Takeru valued the cross higher than the tag, and Takeru explains that the cross belonged to his sister, Yukari.

Later, when Akira finds Takeru’s corpse, Akira pockets the cross.

  • In Keisuke’s route, Akira learns Nano is the one who gave Line to Takeru when Nano mentions he used a man with a silver cross in a test.

In the AnimeEdit


Akira finds the cross

As in the game, Takeru fights Akira and Keisuke for their tags and loses his cross in the fight. However, in the anime version, Takeru runs off without realizing he lost the cross, and it is picked up by Akira instead. Takeru returns to the area where they fought to look for the cross, and, once he figures out Akira has it, tracks him down to get it back.

When Keisuke kills Takeru, he takes the cross with him along with Takeru’s Knife . He shows Akira the cross splattered with blood in episode 6. The cross appears in the next episode as Keisuke taunts Akira with it, and later as Akira stares at it and realizes how much Keisuke has changed.


  • The difference between a cross and a crucifix is the latter bears an image of Jesus Christ.